Risk Management Simplified

A practical, step-by-step guide to identifying and addressing risks to your business

By Andy Osborne

ISBN : 978-1-906316-48-8    £9.75
Publication date : January 2010
Risk Management Simplified Book Cover
"A highly practical 'how to' guide which gives a simple, straightforward and thorough, process which, if followed, will make your business more resilient."

Richard Ward
Group Chairman
Vistage International (UK and Ireland ) Ltd

An acknowledged expert in the field of risk management and contingency planning, Andy Osborne has spent over twenty years helping businesses of all sizes, across a broad range of industry sectors, to understand and manage their risks effectively. He is a firm believer that the role of a consultant or adviser is to simplify apparently complex processes and present them in a way that is easy to understand, not the other way around.

This book is different to the plethora of risk management books on the market. It isn't aimed at risk management specialists; it doesn't focus on a single, specific area, such as financial or insurance-related risk; and it isn't as dull and difficult to read as most of them are!

Written in an informal, no-nonsense style that is easy to read and understand, this book brings the concepts of effective risk management to a wider audience than that traditionally served by the majority of risk management publications - the business manager who realises that risk management is important, but for whom it isn't a full-time occupation.

Whilst its content will undoubtedly benefit small to medium enterprises (SMEs) it is just as applicable to larger businesses, not-for-profit or public sector organisations looking to implement an effective risk management programme.

This is not a book full of theoretical musings. It is a highly practical 'how to' guide which gives a simple, straightforward, though thorough, process which, if followed, will make your business more resilient.

"A really good, easy to follow and well set out guide, especially for businesses that are just getting to grips with risk management."
Iain Ballantyne, Head of Risk Support for a major international leasing company

"Easy to read. No jargon. Good tools, examples and case studies mean you can easily relate it to your own business."
Richard Kennedy, Managing Director, Switchgear Systems

"Easy to follow, informative and should be a useful tool to SME's, especially those that don't have their own full time Risk Manager. I wish this had been available when I first started getting to grips with risk management."
Robert Whitehouse, Risk and Business Continuity Consultant, Omnia

"We need to do a risk assessment ourselves and follow Andy's instructions! I feel from reading the book that we could now do this and I don't feel daunted by the prospect."
Karen Swinden, Managing Director, HotHive Books

"An excellent and practical guide to risk management that presents the basic principles in a straightforward and concise way with good supporting examples and tools. Good for people that are just starting on the risk management journey and for those who believe that risk management is, or should be, complicated."
Ian Crabb, Managing Director, Aculeate Consulting Limited

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